1:87 diorama

Here are pictures of my 1:87 diorama (scale H0). On a base plate made of plywood measuring 75 x 36.5 cm, I formed the landscape in the classic construction with plywood, lots of plaster, glue and scattering material. I placed the whole thing in an IKEA Kallax tall cabinet with glass doors. A Philips Hue light is mounted above the diorama, which conjures up any lighting mood – bright sunshine, stormy skies or dusk.

With vehicles that livened up the streets in 1960, when I was born:

In sepia tones it looks almost more “real”:

And so it could have looked in the same place around 1975, the little men are still working so hard, but the cars have changed …

1:87 diorama: The "Making of"