Production numbers

The FIAT 125 fell into the heyday of the long era of “Gianni” Agnelli (FIAT management from 1966 to 1996)

603,877 copies of the original FIAT 125 model were produced in Turin. This number is remarkable if you compare it with other vehicles from its construction period:

Vehicle Production period Manufactured units approx.
Alfa Romeo Giulia 1962 to 1978 573,000
Audi Typ F 103
(“Audi”, Audi 60, 72, 80 and Super 90 incl. Variant)
1965 to 1972 389,000
BMW series 02
(1502 to 2002 tii incl. Touring)
1966 to 1977 861,000
Opel Rekord C
(without Commodore A)
1966 to 1972 1,274,000
Renault 16 1965 to 1980 1,850,000
Volkswagen Typ 3
(1500 and 1600 incl. TL and Variant)
1961 to 1973 2,600,000

13,033 FIAT 125s were manufactured by FIAT Heilbronn in Germany.

A remarkable 188,791 FIAT 125s rolled off the assembly line in Argentina between 1972 and 1982; I do not yet know the exact number of copies made in Chile, but it should have been between 10,000 and 20,000.

The POLSKI FIAT 125p manufactured in Poland reached a really astonishingly high number of units: a proud 1,222,887 units left the assembly lines of the “Fabryka Samochodów Osobowych” (FSO) near Warsaw between 1967 and 1991! – With a very low selling price with generous space and guaranteed maintenance by FIAT workshops, the 125p was probably the most successful Eastern Bloc export model in Western Europe, apart from its little brother “Maluch” (126p).

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