The equipment

What made the Fiat 125 attractive against the competition, was its extremely low price at high power – and the many standard “extras”!

In the “palmy days” of the 125 especially the Italians and Frenchmen offered cars with complete equipments, while the German “colleagues” gleamed only by long surcharge lists. For a price of 7492.50 DM (state: 1969), the 125 offered among others:

  • Disc brakes wraparound
  • Servo brakes
  • Four doors
  • Foot-operated wish-wash
  • Interval-windscreen wipers
    (A world premiere in a European production vehicle!*)
  • Interior mirror with anti-glare position
  • Sun visors can also be swiveled to the side, with map pocket on the left and makeup mirror on the right
  • Central armrest for the back seats
  • Lockable and illuminated glove compartment
  • Reclining seats
  • Child safeguard at the back doors
  • Reversing light
  • Daily mileage indicator
  • Electric clock
  • Cigarette lighter
  • Variable dashboard light
  • Illuminated motor and luggage space
  • Rubber-covered bumpers resp. horns
  • Hand gas draft regulator
    (presumably to be able to increase the idle speed in cold weather)

* The interval wiper was invented by Robert William Kearns. He presented it to Ford Motor Co. in a converted Ford Galaxie as early as 1963. The world’s first production vehicle with intermittent windshield wipers was the Australian version of the Ford Galaxie from 1965.

With the 125 Special came additionally:

  • Five-gear-box
  • Double halogen headlights
  • Double-sound horn
  • Continuous center console (until 1971)
  • Leather sleeve around the gear lever
  • Reading lamps in the fund
  • Red reflectors on all doors
  • Chrome-plated wheel arches and fresh air intake grilles

On request, the following optional equipment was available:

  • Steel sliding roof
  • Semi-automatic transmission “Idroconvert” only on early 125,
    fully automatic transmission only on the late 125 Special
  • Alu-rims
  • Rotation meter
  • Air-condition
  • Heatable rear window
  • Athermal windows
  • Artifical leather seats
  • Full leather interior

(Some of these special equipments were not available for the entire production period and in all countries.)

FIAT 125: The interior